Today’s lunch – a quick recipe for quinoa tacos

I had tacos today. They were delicious. Seriously, I know I say that a lot, but these were really good! I softened corn tortillas and filled them with quinoa, mashed potato and corn, cabbage slaw and a spicy sauce made with dried chili and pumpkin seeds.

1. saute quinoa in olive oil, add water and cover. simmer until tender.

2. mash potatoes (I used the rest of my potatoes in garlic oil) in a skillet with olive oil and add frozen corn and salt, mix and mash down, let it brown. Turn, let it brown.

3. I got the cabbage slaw from Produce Row with dinner and this was leftovers. Justin, you are AMAZING! It’s basically like this: cabbage, red bell pepper, green bell pepper and onion, all sliced really thin. Toss in a vinaigrette – oil and vinegar, add salt and hot pepper, toss again.

4. the spicy sauce is dry-roasted pumpkin seeds (just stir them over medium heat in a skillet until they smell good and toasty). grind them into powder (I used my Magic Bullet), add mexican hot red chili powder and olive oil.

5. heat the tortillas in the skillet until soft, turning once.

The pumpkin seed/chili sauce will keep for a really long time in the fridge. I had to cook the quinoa, but the potatoes were ready to saute, the slaw was already made and so was the sauce, so I put it together very quickly.  It was extremely tasty!


About LeilaPiazza

I am a wife and mother. I am an Orthodox Christian. I am a Syrian American with family living in Syria. I am a also a yoga teacher and freelance writer. I recently described myself in a job pitch as "a person who's lived in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years with a passion for writing and a passion for all things Portland. I'm a foodie, knitter, wine and beer lover, bee-keeper (yep, I said it), mead and fruit-liqueur maker, organic gardener, home-canner, hiker, biker, runner, and occasional skinny-dipper. I’ve camped all over the state, I sail a sailboat that’s moored on the Columbia (o.k., I'm the first mate), and I spend a large percentage of my time at our beach house in Seaside." That about sums it up.
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2 Responses to Today’s lunch – a quick recipe for quinoa tacos

  1. The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook. —Julia Child

    • Leila says:

      Julia Child was wonderful, wasn’t she? I have to say, I can never really think of any good time to eat “diet food”. Even while you’re waiting for the steak! Definitely one of the things I enjoy when the Lenten season is over is a really good, pink, juicy steak!

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